PROP FIRM EA ea best forex expert advisor 2021


PROP FIRM EA ea best forex expert advisor 2021

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PROP FIRM EA ea best forex expert advisor 2021

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Release date : 1 august 2021 

With a low drawdown of 4.20 percent and a monthly profit range of 10 to 20 percent we have successfully created a Forex Robot.

Company Proposal EA is compatible with financing companies like FTMO, MY FOREX, etc.

What are the challenges of the funding firm?

The funding challenges are goals set by corporations to monitor your capacity to maintain a particular proportion of the drawdown while trading successfully in a consistent profit margin.

After you pass the challenge successfully, you will normally be given with an account that is funded up to $200,000 and your income on the account is divided between the company and the individual.

After testing for a few months the EA we are pleased to inform that our company EA has been able to fulfill the demands of financing companies while meeting the challenge effectively.

prop firm ea

Features: Up to $200,000 for a funded trading account
Work on personal accounts and financial accounts for companies
News Filter – To avoid large market event trading
Smart internal market analysis indications before trading
Fully automatic – 5 min installation and the remainder is fully configured
Works on 25 trading couples
Low drawdown below 5% is 100% Strategy Non Martingale
Dispersion control – To avoid trading in a volatile market
What is the strategy of Prop Firm EA?

The company EA utilizes a top-level reverse trading technique together with a grid, internal smart indicator signals and news filters.

This EA operates on 25 pairings and has 4 predefined files:

1. Download for difficulties

2. Aggressive challenge mode

3. Low personal account drawdown 3.

4. Aggressive personal accounting mode

Works on USD 2k, 5k, 10k, 50k, 100k and 200k

The 25 pairs are as follows:

You have to manually set lot size according to your fund:
For each 2000 usd fund batch size is 0.0110 k batch size: 0.05 – 50 kb batch size: 0.25 – 100 kb lot size: 0.5 and etcEA for financing company trades are set to be closed on Fridays to avoid open trading during weekends.

Company Proposal EA has a step-by-step user guide and fast installation video.

prop fim ftmo ea


1. What is the EA strategy? 1.

Prop EA employs its trading method on the top bottom with grid, internal smart indicators and news filters.

2. with which prop companies can it work?

They will work with FTMO and similar financing companies and we propose first using a test account to learn how to use the service and then apply for the actual challenge.

3. Can we utilize it, not prop company, for a personal account?

Yes, of course, we have actually included an aggressive mode that will help you gain more than 20%

4. Would FTMO halt it? 4.

We have tried to meet all the criteria but we are considered to be a third party and they are entitled to suspend any account.

5. Can all the rules be passed?

Yes, it is created to pass the rules of the financing company challenge.

6. A SCALPER? 6.

No, this isn’t a scalper.

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