Promax Gold EA with Smart News Filter ea best forex expert advisor 2021


Promax Gold EA with Smart News Filter ea best forex expert advisor 2021


Promax Gold EA with Smart News Filter ea best forex expert advisor 2021

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This EA is now totally automatic, thanks to the addition of a smart news filter, which will analyze both technical and fundamental news to give investors all the information they need to make their investment decisions.

analyable 20% to 48%
the business’s monthly profit
Automatic trading is hands free.
Lot choosing and Auto money management
only available for XAUUSD on Metatrader4
as the default configuration.
A complete set-up guide
One live account and one demo account
Promax EA does two simple things. First, it opens and closes trades in a risk-free manner.

XAUUSD metatrader4 only works with Promax EA.

It includes an internal settings feature which is preprogrammed to analyze the market and identify fundamental news, all of which is then funneled into the trade setup to give it detailed market knowledge.

It is engineered and programmed to only trade for accuracy above 88%, and if trades are in downturn, it will close them using smart grid to minimize loss.


To utilize this EA, there are some prerequisites that must be met.

EA already has the settings pre-set and doesn’t require any additional changes to run; all you have to do is run it.

To demo Metatrader 4 or to get a genuine account, choose between  ECN or Standard acc.
a total of $1,000 USD fund is in the account or above
When you place your order, download the zip file and unzip it
Insert the expert file into the expert folder in your MT4 trading platform.
Enter MT4 and place the XAUUSD chart on 5 minutes. Then include the EA file and set the alert.
To request to activate your MT4 demo or live account, send an email to with your account credentials. For the error warning, please go to step 5. Once you’re finished, you’ll be able to activate it on your end by getting your email.
Here is a short video on how to use it, but if you have any questions, feel free to send us an email.


Additional Information:

There are usually trades that remain open for a few days when the account is in a downturn. Please be patient while the trades are closed in profit.

The EA money management system will be affected if you close an open transaction manually or do so on the same account.

Promax must not be operating any other robots or indicators as well.

Running an EA on an account under $1,000 USD or using a Cent or Mini account is prohibited.

Ensure that the Auto trade option in your MT4 platform is enabled.

It is recommended to use VPS for online hosting if you need your MetaTrader 4 to always be online.

We can also suggest a 9 USD/month Windows VPS to you. The host will provide installation instructions.

visit this page to find the VPS recommendation.

one of the best brokers to utilize

Mt4 broker account Promax works on.

Low costs and fast servers are also vital for the broker to have.

With regard to server speed and fees, we urge our client to choose Opoforex broker, as this would lead to better results on auto trading.

With leverage of 1:500, it’s an ECN account.

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