ayRobot SP V3 ea best forex expert advisor 2021


ayRobot SP V3 ea best forex expert advisor 2021best forex expert advisor 2021


ayRobot SP V3 ea best forex expert advisor 2021

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a price action EA that’s best suited for scalping When the bar is high enough to engage in sophisticated math calculations, close trades on the other side of the bar. Timerame is M1 and is completely built towards FX trading. System wherein percentages change throughout time. time constraint Autolot by balance %. EA automatically configures settings. Close your order once it is not profitable or loss-making for you. Set an automatic stop-loss and take-profit price for the market. The robot can automatically adjust various settings on the go, so there is no need to understand how to use.

test settings
Every 24 hour period M1
You can use the date whenever you choose.

User’s Manual for Price Action EA 3.0

The minimum default lot is required.
Setting lot values by your balance will be done if the checkbox Auto Lot by balance is enabled.
The Auto Lot % is a calculation for calculating your balance on the lot.
timing options
Option “1” by default.
“24” default setting for TradeEnd.
preparation times and locations
Enabling/disabling trailing stop system.
That trailing system start is valuable.
% of profit pips that are directly behind, referred to as ‘trailing’ or ‘following’ (percentage of profit pips behind)) When the current price is 5 pips profit above and this value is equal to 20 percent of current price, the stop loss should be set at 1 pips below the bid price.
order settings
Distance surge level- Ea can shield you by incorrectly selected settings. Below “1” is riskier than having a default of “1”.
Automated distance- Enable/Disable the feature to make automated entries.
You’d want to enter the entry distance yourself instead of using the controls.
Stop order distance: The distance between your entry point and your stop order.
Entering orders from the correct bar position is vital for the EA, therefore Buy Multiplier is quite important. No number should be below 35. The slower the sign, the lower the value. Higher-valued symbols quickly. Recommended for ages 35-43
a tool that helps the EA submit orders at the proper location on the bar Below 35 should not be acceptable. Sluggish visual cues decrease values. Bigger values equal faster symbols. Recommended range is 35-43
To activate, choose “News Filter – Enable / Disable”.
Set the MACD Filter – Activate/Deactivate the MACD filter.
The greatest spread is allowed in order to open up trades.
a limit on the highest allowable level of allowable slippage for open trade
Minimum robot value for Min Bar. The robot will not enter a bar where the minimum value is this much.
Next time you can place an order will be opened.
Automatic stop loss by symbol: stop-loss set at the market price of Symbol
the market price ( 0.5 , 1 , 1.5 etc.)
PIPS stoploss
Symbol’s Auto Takeprofit feature
the price of the relevant symbol ( 0.5 , 1 , 1.5 etc.)
takeprofit in the special situations fund
Martingale Activate/Deactivate When next placing an order, raise your lot size by a martingale amount and follow up your loss order.
When applying the Martingale Multiplier, increase the size of the lot for the second and succeeding orders.
Martingale Step on: Use the increased lot quantity by increment instead of a multiplier.
Martingale step size (lot)
Closed settings
Closing price that predicts future price- Once the order has been set to close within X minutes, use the closing price to predict future price.
You should enter true for orders when near in loss after a certain amount of time.
Close orders after X minutes.

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